Welcome, y’all!

Named after the fox who resides here, Fox Hollow is a small farm nestled in the Ozark hills, focused on sustainability.

​After years of dreaming, learning, and growing food on others' farms, apartment windowsills, and in community gardens, we are beginning to farm on a larger scale. Our focus is on regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and organic gardening. Using sustainable practices, our goal is to restore the land we currently inhabit to a healthy habitat, full of native species and pollinators.

​We are resourceful humans with a passion for making art, a very small budget, and lots of determination.

Come grow with us!

You can find us at https://foxhollowfarm.wixsite.com/fox-hollow :)

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Living in the Ozark hills, practicing agroforestry, raising animals, working with cultivated and foraged herbs, traipsing through the woods, making art, and writing about it. Visit foxhollowfarmco.wixsite.com/fox-hollow for more.